About CHCA

The Centerport Harbor Civic Association was incorporated in 1984 by Centerport residents Stan & Gloria Wertheimer. The certificate of incorporation states:

“The purposes, for which the corporation is formed, are:

To exercise, promote, and protect the privileges and interests of the residents of the Town of Huntington; to develop good citizenship; and to inquire into civic abuses and to seek reformation thereof. To secure by lawful means greater economy and efficiency in government; to effect reduction in taxes; to endeavor to carry out these purposes by supporting for office candidates pledged to carry out these reforms.”

Stan & Gloria were responsible for many of the improvements Centerport residents enjoy today, including Heron Park and Grist Mill Park on Mill Dam. Through their civic action, they have been instrumental in keeping Centerport the community we know and love. Many thanks to Stan and Gloria with best wishes for many happy years to come.

The CHCA was reorganized in January, 2019, after the Wertheimers retired from their leadership of the organization. Nominations for new CHCA officers were accepted and seconded in a public meeting and vote held on January 22, 2019 at the Harborfields Library. By a show of hands, the following officers were elected to serve as unpaid volunteers for a term of two years:

Co-Presidents: Dr. Catherine Knight and Mr. Tom Knight

Vice President: Mr. George Pullis

Secretary: Mrs. Debra Amoruso

Treasurer (acting): Mr. Tom Knight

The CHCA leadership team subsequently appointed an Advisory Board of local residents to assist with addressing the community’s concerns. Current members of the CHCA Advisory Board include: Mrs. Betsy Cambria, Mr. Steve Goldstein, Mr. Robert Schwartz, Mr. Justin Thompson, Mr. Stan Wertheimer, and Ms. Anne Wesp.