Centerport is a unique community with a long history of attracting those who appreciate its beauty. As such, outside agencies have sought to capitalize on Centerport’s natural and historic attractions. While no resident wants to see dilapidated structures detract from our community, any construction and development needs to be considered in the context of its overall impact to the safety of our residents and visitors, and to our most invaluable assets, our waterfront and its inhabitants.

In pursuit of that goal, in 2019 the CHCA has:

  • Built upon the foundation established by Gloria and Stan Wertheimer by reorganizing the CHCA through nominating and voting for officers
  • Established an Advisory Board, Mission Statement, and Guidelines for Operations
  • Created and is maintaining this website: 
  • Created and distributed a quarterly CHCA members’ newsletter
  • Asked for input from and listened to our members, and acted upon many of their recommendations
  • Attended Public Hearings to represent the CHCA at multiple Town Council, Planning Board, and Zoning Board meetings
  • Researched and FOILed dozens of documents, maps, site plans, building permits, historical documents, and Town Codes
  • Created a CHCA database of documents, maps, photos, and videos 
  • Held monthly CHCA meetings with guest speakers to inform and provide a forum for information-exchange and discussions, including for candidates up for election/re-election, and for two local developers to share their vision for new businesses along 25A in Centerport
  • Held a rally to highlight our deep concerns regarding the impact of construction-related pollution on our indigenous wildlife, including our resident nesting pair of Bald Eagles
  • Organized dozens of meetings with our representatives in Town and State government
  • Worked with local and state officials to address water quality concerns in the Mill Pond, and public safety issues involving current and anticipated traffic congestion and inadequate signage along 25A in Centerport
  • Elevated our concerns beyond local government to our elected State officials, including to the Governor’s Office
  • Hosted a tour of Centerport for Governor Cuomo’s Regional Representative
  • Initiated multiple media interviews for print, web, and television broadcast
  • Instituted a matching fund scholarship program for a Harborfields High School Class of 2020 senior residing in Centerport
  • Organized and completed a spring clean-up at Mill Pond
  • Hosted two CHCA Open Houses: a summer BBQ and a Holiday Party
  • Walked door-to-door to introduce ourselves and the revitalized CHCA to our community
  • Organized letter-writing campaigns
  • Conducted a four-day, multiple-hour traffic study during the summer of 2019 at the intersections of 25A/Little Neck Road and Park Circle/Little Neck Road
  • Introduced a quarterly real estate trend report for Centerport