We are very proud of the beauty of Centerport and would like to showcase photos of this amazing area on Long Island’s North Shore. If you have a photo you would like to submit for publication on our website, please email a high resolution image to: We are happy to provide photo credit if desired.

Aerial View of Centerport Harbor and the Mill Pond, January 6, 2020
Sunset view of the Little Neck peninsula from Northport
Centerport’s nesting pair of Bald Eagles by Fred Fahrbach
Eaglet learning about flight by Fred Fahrbach
Centerport Eagle defending its territory by Fred Fahrbach
Eaglets learning to balance by Fred Fahrbach
Adding to the nest by Fred Fahrbach
Looking over her kingdom in Centerport by Fred Fahrbach
Centerport Eaglet by Fred Fahrbach
Majestic portrait by Fred Fahrbach
CHCA members meet to clean up Mill Pond, Spring 2019
The dedication plaque at the foot of the Heron Park sculpture:

“HOPE” by Roberto Julio Bessen, Sculptor

Dedicated to the Town of Huntington by the Centerport Harbor Civic Association

Our Lady Queen of Martyrs image by Paul Tesoriero